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Building My Professional Future

My name is Ben Sitzberger and I am a Marketing and Sports Management student in the Eller College of Management graduating in May of 2018.

From an early age I had a passion for sports. I played and watched year round. As I grew up, I turned my passion to getting people involved within sports. I loved working with people and helping them become more involved within sports. I worked at a golf course in my hometown for seven years and one of my favorites duties there was to help people with their game and to help run our junior golf program. In addition, I ran a social media campaign with the goal of increasing college participation at the course.

It was at this point that I knew I wanted to have a career in sports getting people involved. At the U of A I work in the Athletics Department as a Outbound Sales Intern where I can help people find the perfect tickets for them. This has quickly became a thrill for me, helping people get season tickets for our sports but mainly helping them find the perfect seats.

My goal is to find an entry level marketing position within a sports organization. I am driven, determined, and extremely enthusiastic when it comes to working in a sports organization.

An example of my work ethic, I was able to make a hole in one in golf, but I didn't stop there, I actually have TWO hole in ones in my golfing career.

Brief Background


Benjamin Sitzberger

Mclelland Hall

1130 E Helen Street

Tucson AZ, 85719


Phone: (920)573-9510

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